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Jan 2020

Shogun 50 By Die Yacht 

Die Yacht visits Rosättra Boat yard to sail the Shogun 50 with the designers and boat builders. '' It was great sailing with them and I think they enjoyed the boats speed and easy handling in some true Skandinavian weather'' says Oscar Södergren. Read about in Die Yacht #2 2020. View the gallery with great shots by K. Andrews on the link.

November 2019

Shogun 50 

Marström Compisites supplied several high quality carbon parts for the Shogun50. Listen to what the owner Mats Bergryd has to say about the boat and enjoy some great footage of the Shogun 50 sailing. 
Marström Composites
Shogun Yachts

August 2019

Shogun 50 

Sail-World's words on the Shogun 50:

PC: Felix Deimer

Shogun Yachts

August 2019

Shogun50 ''Ladykiller 4.0'' wins the Sprint Race at ORC European Championships 2019

Ladykiller powered thrue to the win at EC sprint race showing off her impressive sail plan and hitting speeds of around 18knots. Congratulations Ladykiller, great sailing by the crew.


April 2019

Die Yacht on the Shogun 50 

Die Yachts words on the Shogun 50:


Agapi 800 Nominated for Best Of Boats Award

''The brave thinking Swedish company Agapi has with their third model Agapi 800 managed to produce a fast going, safe, easy to drive and comfortable boat – ready for real fun. Details and finish are of even higher refinement than before.

The cockpit setup with a large bed and two couches on the swimming platform is great. Agapi 800 is a boat with an intelligent concept ready for the future.'' - BOB awards


Shogun 50 words by

 ''Vi har aldrig behövt ta några genvägar, utan fått möjlighet att designa varje funktion i detalj, säger Oscar Södergren när träffar honom på båtmässan.''